How is Social Panel a Disadvantage?

News 03:12 December 2023:

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Getting to increase your followers or even the number of downloads on your clip is as easy as using services from social panel. It is quite helpful as it is easy to use and also relatively cheap. However, this could have a disadvantage for you. For starters, the followers you get could be inactive ones. All you have will be followers who cannot like what you post or even retweet what you tweet. In order to get these, you would have to use panel for twitter and buy likes. In as much as this is advantageous, you do not get to converse with your followers.
Instagram resellers also helps but the followers you get may not be the niche you were targeting. You buy followers and eventually get people to follow your account only because you already have a large following and not because they are interested in what you are selling. This does not help your business marketing as you are not reaching the targeted audience. It would be like trying to sell alcohol to a non-alcoholic, all other factors may be perfect except the audience.