3 Things that Sum up what Social media Success means

News 05:04 April 2024:

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A lot has been said about people’s craziness to become social media successful. People are now defined based on how many followers they have on twitter, how many Instagram likes they can get with a selfies, or how many inbox messages they get on what’s app. However, there are three things that sum up someone’s success on any social media platform; and they include the person’s influence on any network, their ability to connect with their followers, as well as their ability to extend their ‘activeness’ in the real life.

How many instagram likes your last post attracted shouldn’t be the highlight of your day at work, but instead how helpful you were with the replies you sent one of your followers, based on a question they asked. If you don’t believe, just visit Instagram for instance and view the comment with the highest number of comments and shares. Likes can be deceiving, but positive comments and the person’s replies to those comments can tell you if they are people likely to be successful in real life.